"Novels ought to have hope" Anne Lamott

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Nikki Rosen's books.

Quotes In the Eye of Deception - touches my heart as a long time practicing social worker/family therapist. It clearly sends a powerful message of hope to individuals suffering with past abuse and addictions. It also effectively addresses the healing process. Once I started reading, In the Eye of Deception, I found it hard to put down. The style of writing and the content was so compelling I read it in its entirety within two days. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with trauma issues as well as any professional working in the helping field. Quotes
Terry Banham MSW/RSW

Quotes Dancing Softly - "WOW! Gripping hardly describes it! I couldn't put the book down for long. It was raw and intense, especially at the beginning, but I believe it needed to be that way to keep me cheering for Jamie through her time in the mental hospital...wanting her to get out....knowing she would! I'm in Awe. I believe you were hand picked by God to write...to let others know...to bring HOPE! I'm finished and I'll be sharing. (No wonder the printing press went down!) but he can't stop God and His purposes from prevailing! Quotes
Julie Huff

Quotes "Dancing Softly provides a window into the lives of far too many young women and girls. The hope generated by this story is so encouraging. I only wish it were true for most of the incredibly courageous and resilient women I know. Too few have the opportunities to fulfill themselves or realize their dreams. Thank you for keeping their spirits and visions alive, Nikki." Quotes
Kim Pate
Executive Dir. of The Elizabeth Fry Societies of Canada

Quotes Dancing Softly - "A powerful story of hope and courage that shows nothing is impossible to overcome if we learn to dance more softly. With a rare insight and honing her craft, Nikki challenges the reader to trust that good can come out of every situation no matter how hopeless it might seem. The beautiful message in Dancing Softly is that everyone's life is a gift and has value and purpose. I highly recommend reading this book." Quotes
Melvina Walter
Executive Dir. of The Halton Women's Centre

Quotes In the Eye of Deception - I got your book yesterday afternoon...I read late into the night and this afternoon....yours is such a beautifully written book, one that resonates with me on so many levels. I loved the descriptions, felt like I was right beside you, experiencing every situation with you. At times it was hard to breathe. Other times, I was moved to tears. Many times I was frightened for your safety, touched by your endless bravery. And then I was inspired.....I found the detail of the coaching advice affirming the very processes I am currently working on in order to change my own negative belief systems. I don't believe in co-incidence, your book came to me as a message of hope. Quotes
Lisa de Nikolits

Quotes In the Eye of Deception - Wow. What an awesome book! I read it in two days. I"m not a reader so for me to read it that fast it has to be good. I was reading at work on nights and I had to get up and go to another room at one point, tears were falling down my face...your book has helped me to open up and gave me so much hope! It has made a difference in my outlook on my situation. Quotes

Quotes In the Eye of Deception: A True Story - It was a strange twist of events that brought Nikki to me, but when I read her manuscript I knew why we were put in touch. I have written about the traumas of life through fiction; Nikki has lived them. Her story is compelling simply because she should not be where she is now: she should not be alive, she should not be whole, and she should not be thriving in society. But she is! As I journeyed through her story, I became aware of a burning passion at work. It is a story of the loving Creator wooing a lost soul. I cried as I read of her traumas. I rejoiced as I read of both the miraculous deliverance and the painstaking recovery. And I will continue to celebrate as society's lost are found through her words and ministry. Anyone who reads Nikki's story will have no doubt that God's love conquers all and trumps even mankind's best efforts. Quotes
Donna Dawson
Award winning author of Redeemed & Adam and Eve

Quotes "Just finished reading Dancing Softly! I really, really love it! It should be made into a movie as incredible as the book. It reads like non-fiction and is very powerful. Staggering stats at the end. This is a story that needs to get out there!!!" Quotes
Roger LeBlanc
Producer Director at Novus Vita Productions

Quotes Twisted Innocence - I could not turn the pages quickly enough as I read this horrific story of truth. I held my breath knowing that all I read really happened. I think and believe that anyone who would read this book would be as deeply touched as I was. Another great book of hope and forgiveness by Nikki Rosen. I say this is a must read. Quotes
Arlene B.

Quotes Part one takes you back in time, to the scene of the horrible crime. Your stomach will tighten and your head will whirl trying to imagine living through the horror, and discovering the unthinkable. Part two is the author's journey to the truth. I loved this part of the book! Where God opens the pathway and HOPE steps in and prayers are answered.Forgiveness is spoken and second chances to really live are given. Where good overcomes evil. Excellent book! Quotes
Julie H.
Twisted Innocence
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