"Novels ought to have hope" Anne Lamott

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Know Hope!!!

Posted by Nikki Rosen on January 30, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Working on an inspirational/self-help book taken from my personal and professional experience. Below - an excerpt

Hope – a four letter word packed with so much.

Hope is the basis for surviving.

Hope that life could change.

Hope that things can get better.

Hope - grab on to it

And hold on with everything you got

Never let it go.

And always remember....giving up is never an option!

Hope - to some it's a dangerous thing. To others its survival. Dangerous because the thing hoped for may never happen. Survival, because it's the thing that gives courage to keep holding on. 

I know what it's like to flounder in the dark, to have no hope and I also know what it's like to hold onto hope like a drowning person gripping onto a lifeline.

Hope is what held me back from giving up and letting go and giving into the darkness.

Hope was the thing that kept me hanging on when there wasn't anything else.

And the more I held onto hope, something amazing happened. It slowly began to morph into faith...a deep strong conviction....an inner knowing that what I desperately wanted...would actually happen. I had no idea how only that I just knew it would. I moved from thinking that it might become reality to knowing that it was a definite.  

And it was that faith that eventually exploded into the miracle I needed. I learned that hope transcends everything.It goes beyond all doubts. It silences fear. It quiets despair. And more than that...no one can ever take it away.

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