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Twisted Innocence: A True Story

Posted by Nikki Rosen on October 21, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

It's almost done....a story that gripped my heart. -  I initially heard about it from an old man. About a little girl snatched from her backyard by four young boys. What did they did to her was unthinkable, yet the child survived. Twisted Innocence is her story.

I started writing January 2012 and in the process, learned the old man's version of what happened contradicted the true account. The evidence and witnesses showed there were holes in his story......lies that contradicted the truth. 

Twisted Innocence is s story of faith and the search for truth. It is a story that will show everyone's life has purpose and out of the worst can come good.

Twisted Innocence A True Story - will be out November 2013

Twist of Innocence

Posted by Nikki Rosen on December 31, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

In writing the story, A Twist of Innocence, I spoke to the real life heros who were there when the the little girl was kidnapped and hung in the shed. They told me the truth of what really happened....they confirmed who committed the heinous crimefour boys all under the age of 12. Three of them....brothers, were known bullies, troublemakers and had already been in trouble with the law. Even before this happened, parents warned their children to keep a distance from those boys.

I'm hoping to get the story done and out there in the early part of the new year. I love how it's shaping up. I already have some people interested in publishing it.

A Twist of Innocence

Posted by Nikki Rosen on October 20, 2012 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

A Twist of Innocence

I'm writing a story taken from real life events...something that happened in the summer of 1949. A child taken from her back yard - beaten, stripped, raped and hung in a barn. The child lives and four boys, three of whom are brothers, are charged with the crime. 

I researched the story and learned about the people involved...the detective, the little girl, the four boys. I read the judge's perspective and the crown attorney's. I discovered that three of the four boys had cases dealt with and settled previously in Juvenile Court. I spoke at length with people who lived in the area at the time....they said the brothers were bullies....often picking on younger and weaker kids.....the police were always at their door.....but the two most hard hitting facts of the boy's guilt - the little girl told her mother 'some bad little boys' hurt her and two boys in the neighbourhood told police they had given the four boys the fishing line that the child was found hung with.

As a mom myself.....the crime appalled me and the little girl captured my heart.

My story weaves a mystery from those details and shows how children can be capable of violently hurting younger children in ways that's hard to understand. Children who commit violent acts against others often do so because they can. They get a thrill and feel empowered.

I've researched the story so much that I feel like I know each of the players intimately. I've already written 25,000 words. I'm excited about getting this story done and out there.

I feel as if I'm resurrecting these people. Archives....they're a great way to find stories to write about.