"Novels ought to have hope" Anne Lamott

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Nikki Rosen's books.

Quotes In The Eye of Deception is a powerful book about enduring, surviving and overcoming the pains of physical, mental and emotional abuse. Nikki takes you through each and every step on her long road to freedom from the chains which had her bound. She bares her soul. She exposes the truth of her painful past. She actually takes you through her life, death and resurrection. The road she traveled was long and painful, yet she survived. She was truly set free mind, body and soul. My heart broke. My eyes became swollen and red from my tears. The closer I came to finishing her book, my heart filled more and more with love for God and how He alone brought her through. It is a powerful story of redemption. It is a powerful story of how God can turn what is meant to destroy us into something which uplifts us and glorifies HIM. I give In The Eye of Deception 5 out of 5 stars. The book is fantastic. The book will indeed set you free. Quotes
Valerie Lynn
Book Reviewer

Quotes "Dancing Softly is gripping and intense to read, hard to put down. The emotions running throughout this story brought tears to my eyes as I followed Jamie's struggles, trials and triumphs. Every page will keep you wanting for more till the end. This is a must read!" Quotes
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