"Novels ought to have hope" Anne Lamott

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Nikki Rosen's books.

Quotes Rosen's book, Dancing Softly, is a stark and haunting glimpse into the marginalized and institutionalized people of our society. Through the experiences of a street youth, she accurately depicts child abuse, its far reaching damage and far too often, its end of the road outcome. With a rare stroke of honesty defining our mental health institutions; a bureaucratic system of warehousing the vulnerable and the homeless, Rosen's heroine, sixteen year old Jamie, illuminates how only the toughest and angriest survive, and just possibly, find a way out. An inspiring read for anyone who has been there. A MUST read for anyone who has not. Quotes
Patty Gallinger-Giao

Quotes Twisted Innocence - Guess what I got yesterday?! Your book arrived!! I was so excited!I began to read it immediately and finished last night! I couldn't put it down! I especially loved the 2nd part of the book, your journey to write the truth - loved, loved, loved it!! You INSPIRE!!. Quotes
Julie H.

Quotes As I read, In the Eye of Deception, I was drawn into a world of abuse and lies. The author documents her life from growing up in an abusive home to a life on the streets. She takes the reader into places that are unimaginable. This book will give you a glimpse into the mind and heart of someone who has been tormented by the evils of abuse. It's a story of a bruised and broken spirit that has been touched and restored by the powerful love and grace of God. Your faith will be encouraged as the author encounters God and is transformed by His healing touch in a profound way. It is a powerful story of redemption. It is a powerful story of how God can turn what is meant to destroy us into something which uplifts us and glorifies HIM. I give In The Eye of Deception 5 out of 5 stars. The book is fantastic. The book will indeed set you free. Quotes
Christian Book Lounge
Christian Book Review

Quotes In the Eye of Deception - I'm telling you, I couldn't put it down! You'll cry all the way through it. To learn where Nikki came from and what she endured to where God has her today - it's a redemptive story of God's love. Not only that, Nikki is an excellent writer - among the ranks of Frank Peretti and Robin Parrish. Quotes
Debby Erdmann

Quotes In the Eye of Deception - I have to rank In The Eye of Deception as one of the most riveting books I have ever read. And the fact that it is a true story...makes it even more riveting and intense. There were several times where I continued reading past my allotted reading time because I was so caught up in the story, so concerned about what was happening, that I couldn't put the book down! If ever there were a must read, it is In The Eye of Deception by Nikki Rosen, a truly phenomenal book by a truly phenomenal person and writer. Quotes

Quotes "This book with its vivid details, is able to transport you into the emotional depth that each of the characters have endured and challenge you to make a difference. The lives of Jamie and the many characters involved in this gripping saga keep you in suspense and reinforce that the root cause - 'the hurt' - needs to be addressed, rather than applying 'band aid solutions' to the symptoms. With unconditional love and freedom of choice, dignity can be restored and one can dance softly out of the depths of despair. The statistics published only strengthen this truth." Quotes
Sheila Hollands
Hebron Ministries of Canada

Quotes "A great read indeed! Very refreshing to see how writing can be honest and powerful, yet discreet all at the same time. Nikki captures this beautifully. Dancing Softly restores faith and inspires hope. Read it and know that perseverance, diligence and integrity always pay off. Dancing Softly encourages everyone to let their inner light shine. It's a message we need to aspire to every day!" Quotes
Savina Rotella

Quotes "Dancing Softly is an insight into the hearts and minds of people who struggle with mental illness. Jamie's story of redemption shows how people can turn their lives around and change their future. This book will entrance its readers as well as inspire and captivate them. I couldn't put it down." Quotes

Quotes In the Eye of Deception - "Coming from a person who has been mentally and physically abused, this book is just what I needed. This book has let me know I'm not alone. There are other survivors out there. This book increased my faith and let me know that in time I can have true deliverance. It's taught me the true meaning of forgiveness and that God is waiting there to help me. Thank you Nikki for stepping out in faith to share your story with the world. You are truly an inspiration." Quotes
Tina Manual

Quotes In the Eye of Deception - Your book came at supper time last night and I finished it at midnight. You told the story openly, but with gentleness; realistically, but with forgiveness. And I marvelled about the writing itself - the English, the choice of words, the flow, the chapter divisions, the sequence arrangement, the authority graciously claimed..... Quotes